Project Benefits


The Bendemeer renewable Energy Hub is a $900-million project, which includes the 300 MW solar power plant and 380MW wind energy plant. Athena Australia Pty Ltd will work closely with Brenchley Group to secure the land. During construction, we estimate more than 500 jobs created, with an economic boost for local accommodation and service sectors. After construction, permanent jobs will be created during the project’s operational phase. For more information on local benefits.


The Bendemeer Renewable Energy hub has several environmental benefits.


Athena will embark on this journey with the view that this project will be an integral part of the community for at least the next generation. So, we intend to undertake the development of this Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub based on the principles of continuous engagement, utmost transparency, and fair sharing of the benefits with the local community. The aim is to develop a seamless relationship between all project stakeholders and that the project forms an important identity in the region.