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Your Local Project Team

The Bendemeer Renewable Project Team is based locally (in Tamworth and Armidale) to ensure that we can provide locally-accessible information and contact with the community. The team is committed to working with the community to realise the benefits of the project and deliver shared economic and environmental outcomes.

We believe in building long-term relationships and trust with the whole community and are committed to being part of the project journey for the long-term. This includes ensuring that our local team provide a presence to deliver clear information about the project and making it possible for the community to easily participate in the process.

Meet the Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub Team

Llewellyn Owens - Project Director
Jeremy Every - Project Manager
Mark Vile - Approvals Lead
Joel Gribble - Project Engineer
Adam Arndell - Community Engagement
Atlanta Lloyd - Community Engagement
Sally Macdonald - Community Engagement

About Athena Energy Australia

Athena Energy Australia (Holdings) Pty Ltd was founded in Australia in 2019 as a subsidiary of Athena Energy Holdings Pty Ltd (a member of the Metis Energy Group). Metis Energy is listed on the Singapore stock exchange (SG:L02). Headquartered in Singapore, the core business of Athena spans a range of renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind and energy storage projects. Athena develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates its projects as a fully integrated renewable energy company, with a genuine long-term approach.

Athena’s core focus in Australia is long-term, created through project development and delivery of a sustainable pipeline of projects. Athena’s aim is to deliver quality projects to meet growing energy
demands, supplying consistent, high-quality energy at a competitive cost. Athena has a deep understanding of the sector through proven delivery of renewable energy across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. As a responsible company with a long-term vision, demonstrated through a sustainable growth strategy, underpinned by community engagement, Athena is committed to integrating internationally recognised environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards into its business practices.

As a key player in the low-carbon energy transition, Athena currently has more than 1.4 GW in renewables projects under development or operational in the APAC region, with about 700 MW of solar energy projects, 200 MW of energy storage projects and 500 MW of wind energy projects. Athena’s goal is to achieve 2 GW of renewable energy production in Australia and aiming to be a central participant in Australia’s energy transition, whilst contributing to a global net zero future and greener society.