Community Benefit Fund

The Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub have developed a Community Benefit Fund (CBF) for the project, which would see a financial commitment contributed annually towards the local community for the lifetime of the project. The Community Benefit Fund would be managed and administered by a committee of local community members. The monies accumulated in the scheme will be used to fund local community projects or infrastructure.

Investing in organisations and projects that benefit the local community is important to the Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub team. We are actively seeking local community groups, programs and initiatives that help to build a safe and sustainable community, and foster growth. 

To support our community, we would like to share the benefits of our solar and wind projects with Bendemeer and the surrounding regions through supporting, sponsoring and funding local projects that overall strengthen the community and provide opportunities for growth. These can be through boosting education capacity, upskilling and employment capabilities, community health and wellbeing, community connection, economic and environmental sustainability. 

The Community Benefit Fund will see an annual financial commitment of approximately $50,000 for solar and $310,000 for wind for the lifetime of the projects, pending final commissioned capacity of the project. The final contribution total will be dependent on the finalised registered capacity of the project. 

We want to customise our benefit funding to fulfil the specific needs of the Bendemeer community – we want to help achieve local goals and plans and help to make a positive lasting contribution to the community. 

We welcome local groups, programs and initiatives to make an Expression of Interest to our Community Benefit Fund to help your project actively empower the local Bendemeer community. 

More information on the Community Benefit Fund and the Bendemeer Community Benefit Fund Committee will be released soon.