New Infrasound Research

A recent world-first Australian study by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has disproved the theory that wind turbine infrasound, also referred to as “wind turbine syndrome”, affects sleep, mental health, heart health and contributes to dizziness and nausea. Infrasound related to low frequency sounds that are imperceptible to the human ear.

According to the study’s lead researcher, Professor Ron Grunstein, the research team detected “no effect of three days of infrasound exposure on all the health variables that we measure – sleep, blood pressure, balance, hearing, that sort of thing.”

This peer reviewed research provides some of the strongest evidence yet that infrasound has no impact on nearby residences, a fact that has long been well understood by the wind energy industry, landholders and neighbouring communities of existing developments. We look forward to sharing interesting and industry relevant news like this in future newsletters. You can read the full news article here.

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