Wind Frequently Asked Questions

Wind Project

The Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub team have created a space for Frequently Asked Questions about the wind project asked by the community to be answered all in one place. The FAQ page can also be found in the Wind Fact Book that has been developed for the solar project to give community members and residents a greater understanding of the project. These books will be updated as the projects progress.


An online copy of the fact book can be found here – Wind Fact Book


If you have any questions of queries regarding the wind project, please get in touch with the BREH team.


Wind FAQs

Q: Are renewable energy projects considered industrial development?
Q: Will existing land management practices including farming continue on the project site?
Q: What is the rating of the turbines considered for Bendemeer?
Q: Where will the wind turbines be located on the site? What will the visual impact be?
Q: Can wind turbines harm, injure, or kill birds from turbine strike? How will biodiversity impacts be assessed?
Q: How are noise impacts from the wind farm assessed?
Q: What are the impacts on soil and water quality?
Q: How high will the wind turbines be? Will they impact aircraft, in particular fighting bushfires?
Q: How will bushfire hazards be managed?
Q: What are the proposed transportation routes for equipment deliveries?
Q: How is the project team engaging with the local community?
Q: What happens if project ownership is transferred or sold?
Q: Will the project impact the value of my property?
Q: Will the wind turbines be left to rust on the hills once operations cease or will they be decommissioned?